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How to simplify and speed up document generation with Salesforce?

Choose a fast and reliable application that generates documents automatically directly from Salesforce. Avenir will help you conveniently generate documents from Salesforce data, transcending the limitations of that system. Our tool integrates seamlessly with the platform. It will only take a few hours to install and configure Avenir to meet the needs of your business.



1 click > 2 minutes > 1000 documents

No more slow tools, no more system errors! Avenir supports single and bulk document generation with the option to merge entire packages into a single file for easy printing. The efficiency of the operation allows multiple employees to handle more requests and generate documents and reports simultaneously.



No more frustration.
Create a process without mistakes.

Avenir automates business processes and supports the requirements of different departments within a company: sales, administration, finance, HR, and many others. Our system manages all types of documents, spending just a few seconds to generate them.


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„In Avenir, all it takes is a click to generate all the documents for each student applicant…’’

that are accurate and error-free. Our employees have more time to serve our students better now. Implementing Avenir has done more than just save time for MERITO. It has helped us attract the best students and increased the ease of contacting and reaching them.

„With Avenir, we are able to generate documents in bulk in express speed...”

Avenir has markedly reduced the time Education First devoted to generating documents. With Avenir, we can easily generate documents in bulk very fast and accurate. As Avenir is native to Salesforce, it really helped us make it look and work as one of our own applications which meant we got an instant adoption from our users.


How do You benefit from using Avenir document generator?

The document generation and automation solution allows you to prepare highly personalised documents – you can create a separate template for each department in your organisation! Information from Salesforce is used to create documents in DOCX formats up to 50 MB and PDF formats up to 100 MB – all based on customisable templates.You’ll generate reports from Salesforce and be able to share them with people who don’t have access to the system.





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